RF EMS PHOTON Facial Beauty Device
Skin care
RF & EMS & Vibration & l-i-g-h-t; Effect improve blood circulation, promote collagen regeneration, improve fine lines and wrinkles, promote effective absorption of skin care products, skin tightening and facial lifting.

1.RF-stimulate collage regeneration

  Stimulate dermis collagen regeneration,increase the thickness

  and the density of the dermis,lift and fill wrinkles,eliminate scars ,

  restore skin elasticity and luster,ensure face look symmetric and natural.

2.EMS –electroporation 

  Directly act on the skin, instantly enhance skin tissue penetration.Under the 

  function of electroshock, there will be formed holes in the lipid mobilization of cells.


  Create gaps between cells and cells in a short time, which can

  teansport those necessary components to the surface of the skin and corium layer.

4. Mesoprtation
  Compared with ions,the penetration of nutrition into 1mm from skin surface.Ensure those

  effective ingredients can be imported into skin,which can repair this skin and slow down aging.

5.LED lights function  

  Hyperplasia of collagen,removing bacteria.

6.Sonic Vibration   
  High frequency vibration can effectively shake dirt out of the

 deep pore.Clean every pores to make pores permable,to make skin delicate.

Model Name  DS-1603
Type  Rechargeable
Product Size    180*54*50mm
Battery Capacity 3.7V,1000ma 
Charging time 3.0 hours
Material     ABS+Stainless Steel 
Warranty 1 Year

1XBeauty device

1XUSB cable